[NTLK] [GOOD NEWS] Newton & GMail IMAP works (without SSL)

From: Roman Pixell [GMail] <roman.pixell_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon Oct 29 2007 - 10:21:39 EDT

On 24 okt 2007, at 22.44, Tony Morrow wrote:

>> Hi,
>> Has anyone tried out the new IMAP feature of GMail with a Newton to
>> see if
>> it will work?
>> Marty
> I looked at the instructions for setting up IMAP in Gmail and it
> requires a SSL connection; just like their POP service. So, sadly, it
> won't work.

oh yes it will. with a little work-around :)

check out www.momail.se, register all your accounts, including google
and enjoy popping compressed mail straight to your newt. the momail
service will extract text from attachments such as word and PDF too,
so youll be able to read many enclosed docs. i think they even fixed
cyrillic suport now and of course swedish åäö works, since its a
swedish service.

momail acc runs fine on my w850i, havent tried it on the newt yet,
but i cant see any probs.

med vänliga hälsningar / warmest regards,

/ ®

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