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From: Thomas Brand (T2) <>
Date: Thu Oct 25 2007 - 00:56:59 EDT

Unfortunately I have so many projects going on right now that I do not
have much time to put into my little hobbies like the Newton.
Therefore I will present this to the community as it is with the
promise that I will continue to build on it in the coming weeks.

I know that there are far too many unkept promises within any group
but I am trying to make an effort to give back to the Newton community
by publishing this site with easy to follow step by step instructions,
and accompanying by screenshots, detailing the various processes of
selecting, setting up, troubleshooting, and maintaining a Newton. This
first index page is only a token of the work ahead of me. Much of the
text, and many of the images are not finalized. I hope to have the
connectivity page completed this coming week with all the important
details associated with setting up Serial, IR, Ethernet, Bluetooth,
and WiFi communications.

If anyone has any comments suggestions, or criticisms please let them
be known off board.

Thomas Brand (T2)

On Oct 15, 2007, at 5:42 PM, Lord Groundhog wrote:

> ~~~ On 2007/10/15 16:04, Thomas Brand (T2) at
> wrote ~~~
> One word. Connectivity. How do I get my Newton and my computer to
> talk to
> each other, and how do I configure for diallup and/or ethernet and/
> or wifi
> and/or Bluetooth-plus-mobile phone, so I can get online?
> And then, for extra credit please, questions arising from
> connectivity,
> like: what software is best so I can download the packages I want
> on my
> Newton, how do I get my Newton to synch certain data, what are the
> best
> modem cards, ethernet cards, wifi cards, Bluetooth cards and mobile
> phones
> to use with a Newton and how do we go about finding them and setting
> them up
> properly?
> And for more extra credit, questions related to battery packs,
> batteries,
> charging and battery life.
> Seriously (for a moment) Thomas, this sounds like a cool thing
> you're trying
> to do.
> Shalom.
> Christian

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