Re: [NTLK] eMate bluetooth?

From: Adriano <>
Date: Wed Oct 24 2007 - 13:01:38 EDT

Dear Adrian,

after your so detailed report, I could suggest you a solution which
every kind of problem I have experienced on each Newton unit I own (not
exclusively related to Bluetooth).

Make a full backup, then do a hard reset which will delete eveything
on your eMate. Now install the full Blunt bundle and test again your
Pico Card.

Just for reference, the latest version of Blunt is available for d/l

If your card would still not be functional, with the red led turning-
on each time
you would try to get a bluetooth connection placed, that would depend
by a fault
on the hardware side.

Have you ever tried to plug an external antenna to the built-in
antenna socket
on your card?

In other words, Pico Cards have a built-in socket which is intended
for use when in need
to extend the range of your wireless setup. I have an entire stock of
compatible antennas
(which can extend the range from twenty to fifty meters,
theoretically), but I have never
offered such antennas for sale publicy on my store cause the socket
onthe Pico Cards is so
delicate that after a couple of plug-in and plug-out the adapter
itself stopped to be functional,
experiencing the red led turned-on each time then tried to get a
bluetooth connection placed
(which as you will note, it's just the same experience reported by

Regards, Adriano
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24/ott/07 Adrian Marsh wrote:

> I have never been able to successfully get Bluetooth working on my
> eMate, despite the undoubted aesthetic qualities mentioned by Adriano
> Angelillis.
> I have installed Bluetooth 0.7.6 (as suggested in the Wiki pages)
> with the other packages (including the correct Blunt eMate package),
> and do not have SysPatch on the machine, but each time I try to
> initiate
> or accept pairing, the small light on the PICO card turns an angry
> red and the eMate freezes, forcing me to restart the machine.
> Looking through the NewtonTalk archives after this mailing, I couldn't
> find a solution to the problem, but the strange thing is that this
> combination (Blunt 0.7.7 for the 2100US, Nitro, Neo for the same and
> Bluetooth 0.7.6) works very well on the 2100, with my PowerBook G4
> running Mac OSX 10.4.10.
> I have Avi's -10061 fix installed on the eMate, but when freezing
> this,
> the initiation process just 'hangs' and can't be reset even using the
> suggestion on the Wiki of running the 'Test' programme in the Setup.
> Trying to accept the PowerBook's initiating a connection, by launching
> the BT Obex from the In/Out Box again results in freezing the eMate
> within moments, and there are occasional 'Binding Errors' that crop
> up.
> Is there a solution to this problem that others have found?

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