Re: [NTLK] Touch screen won't work on emate 300

From: Stephan Weber <>
Date: Wed Oct 24 2007 - 13:01:06 EDT

I have an emate that does exactly what you describe. I took it apart,
and the ribbon cable seems OK under magnification, and the hinges were

I think with mine it's a power issue.

When I give it a fresh charge, it looks like it's charging a
reasonable time. It says the battery is charged. Liar.

If I unplug and use it, I will get the symptoms you describe, maybe 3
or 4 times and then stops responding at all.

If I use it while plugged in, it acts great until I close the cover or
turn it off (without moving the cover) and then it starts the same

I tried it with a different (old) battery pack that I know holds a
full charge (something of a miracle). After I put the pack in the
emate, it started the same misbehaviour with the new battery, and the
battery was hosed until I did the "slap on the floor, put in the
freezer, chicken bones and blood" thing, which put the battery to

I don't know what's up with that emate and don't have time to figure
that one out. I think it will end it's life as a scrap source for
keys, shell, etc.

I have 4 emates, one that is hinge repaired (do it at least for your
peace of mind) and has the AA battery tray -- that rocks. The others
are in line for the same treatment before they get damaged.

I'm interested in figuring out what's wrong with the damaged one, but
not enough to fix it ;) so I'm interested in the answer, too.


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