Re: [NTLK] iCal for Newton

From: Jon Glass <>
Date: Sun Oct 14 2007 - 14:34:54 EDT

On 10/14/07, Bob Chen <> wrote:
> In the preference of NewtSync I cannot seem to set the Default
> calender to iCal. so consequently no syncing of dates. Also there
> seems to be some errors in my addresses that cause the program to
> terminate by itself. Maybe I need to remove some addresses?

Notes in your Address Book cards. Supposedly, you are allowed 100
characters, but I found that more than a few characters would cause
the sync to fail. In the end, I decided my notes were more important
than syncing, and just let the two fall apart. If I added a new
contact to my Newton, I made sure I added it to my computer, but not
visa-versa. Every now and then, I would do a mass purge of my Newton,
and reimport everything from my Mac. That's how I did it.

 -Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland
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