Re: [NTLK] iCal for Newton

From: Douglas Johnston <>
Date: Sun Oct 14 2007 - 13:24:54 EDT

On 14-Oct-07, at 10:07 AM, Bob Chen wrote:

> In the preference of NewtSync I cannot seem to set the Default
> calender to iCal. so consequently no syncing of dates.

For what it's worth, I had quite a few problems syncing in the
beginning, although it wasn't unique to the Newt: between iCal/
dotMac, Spanning Sync (for Google Calendar) and iGTD, there were
quite a few issues. The all-round solution was to just set all events
to the Unfiled category. I really wasn't that hung up on my
categories anyway (there's only one me... why do I need other
categories to manage my handful of meetings a day?). I also set
NewtSync to Default to Unfiled, sync deleted records, and only sync
records less than 60 days old. For some reason unknown to me, those
magic settings worked. This is on a MacBook Pro with latest Tiger,
and with both Adriano's USB connector and a KeySpan/serial/dongle
combo. (BTW, the latter is only a tad more reliable, but also far
more unwieldy. Not to mention, Adriano's craftsmanship is superb.)

> Also there
> seems to be some errors in my addresses that cause the program to
> terminate by itself. Maybe I need to remove some addresses?

That, I don't know. I have over 300 addresses and they sync fine,
even with a number of custom fields, to both my MP2100 and eMate.
(Fingers crossed.) Are there any clues in the Console log when it quits?

all my best,

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