Re: [NTLK] Hello, and question about Memory Card

From: <>
Date: Fri Oct 12 2007 - 16:34:40 EDT

> Hello!
> I'm new to the list but have been used newton MP2000U used since 2001 in
South Korea.

Hello, South Korea! From sunny Hawaii, except it is a bit rainy this morning.

> Now I have a question about Flash Memory Card (Pretec, 32MB).
> I have been using it without any problem so far,

I assume you mean in your Newton, that your MP2000 normally recognizes this

> but today my newton
> complain that it has problem.
> Message from Newton is " There is a problem with this card. (Newton
> cannot recognize this type of card.)

When this happens to me I can usually "fix" it by ejecting and reinserting
the card a few times. The fact that a PC does recognize it is a good sign
in that the card is not entirely dead. Can you try another card? This could
be an opportunity to make new friends.

Gary Dunn
MP110, MP2100

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