Re: [NTLK] courier browser issue

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Wed Oct 10 2007 - 16:06:57 EDT

Courier itself cannot redirect an URL, but some service providers may
require that you first identify yourself and the WiFi card that
you're using. This may be for billing purposes as at Starbucks,
certain hotels and profit making wifi hotspots. Some universities
use a similar system to regulate access as well as to close links
that are idle for for more than a specified period. This is the case
here at the Univ. of Minnesota, likewise at the Univ. of Kentucky
(in an off list conversation you once referred to a conference
there). Their process is described at
Starbucks procedure at
In each of these examples the host will intercept your attempted
Request (URL) and divert you to there registration site, which
Courier cannot interpret.
see the thread that followed Eckhart's introduction of this browser a
few years ago
If a web page is made completely of objects that Courier ignores then
you may have a successful connection yet see nothing. This is what I
suspect is going on when you are directed to a site different from
the one you attempted and seemed to have failed to connect.
Your successful attempts must be when accessing a more open network.
Some universities have a community WiFi program (UK is one) where
some hubs may have a different process that bypasses the above
configuration process.

I couldn't find discussion of operating it but the following sit has
some pointers
Courier description

While Courier is the leanest and fastest web browser available for
the Newton it is also the most limited. I would give WebHopper
  with Daniel's extensions to NetHopper
  a try.

I also wonder if it would be possible to register the card in a
laptop then insert it into the Newten??

Good luck

On Oct 10, 2007, at 11:18 AM, Oliver Leaman wrote:

> I wonder if anyone has advice on the Courier browser, which
> sometimes works very well for me, and sometimes does not. Right now
> it constantly redirects me somewhere else that cannot be opened
> when I enter a URL. Is there anywhere a discussion of how to
> operate with this browser? I have looked around but cannot find it.
> Oliver

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