[NTLK] Spreadsheet transfer

From: Robert P. Bruckstein <Robert.Bruckstein_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Wed Oct 10 2007 - 14:30:29 EDT


  I have been away from this list for a while as my MP2000's
(upgraded) screen is dimming so I am no longer really using it.
However I need to transfer a couple of spreadsheets I created with
Quickfigure Pro and I am having a problem that I cannot resolve. I
have installed the QF exchange in my computer (with office 98). I can
send spreadsheets to the Newton but when I try to send from the
Newton to the computer I get the following error message:

"Microsoft Visual Basic Compile error in hidden module: Receive".

Doe anyone have any ideas of what is wrong or how else can I transfer
the spreadsheet to my mac?

The Mac is a Powerbook G3 bronze keyboard (the last one without
Firewire) running Mac OS 9.2. I connect to the Newton via serial port
with the Keyspan serial to USB adaptor).

Thanks for any help.


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