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From: Goodwin, Greg P. <>
Date: Thu Nov 29 2007 - 09:23:31 EST

From: robinson

The only thing I miss using Newton is taking off a card with a lot of
and simply put it on a notebook and transfer the files to my hard disk.
If you guys knows any way to do that (even if a CF or a SD with
adaptors) I
should say that I miss nothing more.


This is the one thing that discouraged me from making Newton my main
PDA. I mean I had the Newton as practically a desktop setup, was
playing movies, MP3's, and all that. But 15 minutes to load ONE Mp3?
I cannot harp on it enough, that's sad. And everytime on this list when
I mention it I hope that someone will stand up and say "You're doing it
wrong, I can transfer a MP3 in 2 minutes." But this has not happened.
Apparently 15 minutes is the standard amount of time to transfer a 4 mb
Mp3 to the Newton, even over Appletalk/Ethernet. :(

   Now you see why I made such an uproar with Paul was releasing the ATA
drivers for free... it meant my hopes of this finding a solution will
probably not happen in the next decade. Paul never promised it, but
with his understanding of the ATA drivers, I had hoped that one day
maybe the Newton could recognize a PC format on the cards, and then,
problem solved!! As it is, the Newton knows when a card has been PC
formatted, or maybe it just assumes. Not sure.

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