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From: Thomas Brand (T2) <>
Date: Wed Nov 28 2007 - 10:37:36 EST

I believe you may be right. Everything about the Newton minus it's charm, and handwriting recognition has been made obsolete by modern devices like the iPhone. These devices are smaller, lighter, and have longer battery lives. They hold a infinite amount of information via the internet, and are easier to use and sync wirelessly with all of the personal information that is important to the owner. They work seamlessly with modern technology, and are supported by both warranty, and a growing community of developers. If it wasn't for the Newton's charm and the surprising longevity of it's handwriting recognition it would have been dead long ago. It is only because of these two traits, and the fact it was designed by Apple that keep the Newton continues to live in the hands of the faithful today.

Thomas Brand (T2)
On Wednesday, November 28, 2007, at 09:49AM, "Matt Howe" <> wrote:
>I've been reading this thread with a bit of sadness. And I don't know if I
>am the last heavy user or the rest just aren't commenting. I use my 2000U
>everyday. It sets next to me on my desk all day long for addresses, dates,
>notes, etc. It gets my private Email when I am away from home. I don't use
>any kind of dictionary but I have a copy of "The Message" in it for my Bible
>reading. I also have a copy of the Catholic Lectionary, an almanac, two or
>three books (fiction and non-fiction) and other assorted apps. I carry it
>every where I go in a messenger bag along with my hacked Nintendo DS, a hand
>full of small tools and a cigar. (You should never be without a good cigar!)
>People are still amazed when they look up into the sky, see a bright star
>and say "hmmmm, I wonder what that is?" and I whip out my Newton with Star
>chart and say things like, "It's not a star, it's Venus." I can tell them
>the phase of the moon the time of sunrise or set. A list of all the medicine
>I take or my wife takes. List of gifts for my wife and children going back
>several years. A list of all of my DVD and VHS movies and all of my
>son-in-law's movies. (He has about 1500. I only have about 300.) I am the
>comptroller for the local Knights of Columbus Assembly. I have member
>rosters with phone numbers, years of service, dues status. I carry maps in
>it when we go on trips. I load my small hand held GPS with way points. Then
>put driving instructions and maps in a Newton book links to the way points.
>I track my work and volunteer hours with Time Recorder. Details of all of my
>Santa Claus appearances. I play role playing games so I have character
>sheets in newton books and dice rollers. I use it all of the time. My wife
>and I are waiting for our table at the restaurant and I pull out the Newton
>and we play black jack till called. I have wifi working and ethernet. I take
>my wifi card every where and more and more places are providing free wifi
>service so I can send and receive Email. I even have notes of my
>granddaughter drawing on my Newton and a couple of audio notes of her
>singing. I could go on and on but my Newton is NOT just a pda. It is my
>portable computer, library, resource, game, information tool. I carry it
>with me everywhere.
>Matt (Ducky) Howe

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