Re: [NTLK] Problems connecting to AirPort

From: Betty <>
Date: Tue Nov 20 2007 - 10:15:19 EST

At 9:24 AM -0500 11/20/07, Laurent Daudelin wrote:
>Hello again, Morgan.
>On Nov 19, 2007, at 19:13, Morgan Aldridge wrote:
>> On Nov 19, 2007 6:17 PM, Laurent Daudelin
>> <> wrote:
>>> Well, it seems I won't be able to use my AirPort base station with my
>>> 2100. I have followed all the instructions, entered the equivalent
>>> WEP key in the Wavelan driver, I can't seem to make any connection.
>>> Installed TCPDock, tried to connect with NCX to no avail. Tried to
>>> connect to multiple websites in NetHopper and Courier, websites that
>>> used to work just fine with an Etherwave Ethernet card, nothing. I
>>> see one steady light on the Lucent Wavelan card and the other one
>>> blinks intermittently but no connection is established. This is
>>> really frustrating!
>> Which version of the Lucent WaveLAN card (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) are
>> you using? I think I missed that detail in the previous thread ("Re:
>> Bluetooth", I believe).
>> Most people attempting to use Bronze cards report numerous issues. The
>> Silver/Silver Turbo card only does 48-bit/64-bit WEP unless it has had
>> its firmware upgraded to that of a Gold. The Gold card can do 128-bit
>> WEP.
>I'm using the Lucent Silver. My ABS is configured for 128-bit WEP
>encryption. However, thinking that this might be the problem, I
>turned it off and tried again and got the exact same message. From
>NetHopper, after a couple of minutes, I would get an error that
>connection has been dropped. All I see in manual mode (fixed IP
>address) is one of the light on the Wavelan staying lit while the
>other one briefly blinks.
Hi Laurent,

Did you set the airport to 801.11b or to b/g? I have mine set to
801.11b and some people here say that b/g works but g alone
definitely doesn't work.

bettyy at earthlink dot net

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