Re: [NTLK] Problems connecting to AirPort

From: Laurent Daudelin <>
Date: Tue Nov 20 2007 - 09:25:33 EST

On Nov 19, 2007, at 19:28, Andrew Beals wrote:

> On 2007-nov-19, at 16:13, Morgan Aldridge wrote:
>> Most people attempting to use Bronze cards report numerous issues.
>> The
>> Silver/Silver Turbo card only does 48-bit/64-bit WEP unless it has
>> had
>> its firmware upgraded to that of a Gold. The Gold card can do 128-bit
>> WEP.
> I've used mine with an AirPort, and use a Linksys (54g box)
> currently. I found that in both(?) cases, Hiroshi's driver only
> works with 40-bit encryption. Not too major of a bummer, since the
> full-on 128-bit encryption is basically just as easily crackable.
> For my own peace of mind, I also restrict connectivity to known MAC
> addresses, but these are trivially faked.

Might have been it since I'm using my ABS with 128-bit encryption.
However, I did turn off WEP and tried to connect to no avail. It must
be something else.

Thanks for the comment, though. That's good to know.


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