Re: [NTLK] Amazon's Ugly PoC

From: <>
Date: Mon Nov 19 2007 - 03:59:26 EST

If I recall correctly, this BookReader uses the ePaper tech. This
technology tries to mimic the feel of real printed paper. It is a very
reflective surface, but it makes difficult to impossible to
retroilluminate the screen. Think of this screen as real paper.

Do you need to read a book outside? No (but I have to admit it is one of
my little pleasures ^_^ ).

More info on Electronic Ink:

Summary for the only slightly interested:
Advantages: Reflective surface opposed to retroilluminated surface
(reflective is better for the eyes), good legibility, no need to refresh
the screen (great battery life)
Disadvantages: Currently expensive, and slow refresh speed, no colour
available although some prototypes in RGB and CMYK are developed.

> I don't think a software engineer would've thought it to be a good
> idea to use a swinging lamp instead of a backlight. The only reason I
> can see how that would be good at all is those old screens show up
> great under sunlight (a newton screen is very readable in sunlight,
> even the old one) where modern screens are too dark to see without the
> backlights set to full. Maybe Amazon is trying to get readers to go
> out in the sunlight? ;)

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