Re: [NTLK] Config Help for Pico Card

From: Riccardo Mori <>
Date: Mon Nov 12 2007 - 07:35:57 EST

M. Hahn:

> All my efforts are in wain- they won't pair!
> I think, I did it all like Eckhart says, (
> index.php/Blunt) but it won't do it:
> I install all the packages from Blunt (0,76), the Pico Card ist
> sucessful, after a second start,
> the Newton is recognized by the G4/1000.

I installed:

- Blunt 1.0
- Neo
- Nitro
- NTox
- NHttpLib

(I already had NIE 2.0 installed)

I tapped [Discover] to make the MP2100 visible. My PowerBook G4 was
already set to 'visible'. Then I tapped the button with the envelope
icon and selected "Pair". I entered an arbitrary code in the dialogue
box that appears and tapped [Initiate]. This way, the pairing is
requested by the Newton (Eckhart suggest it's better this way). The
PowerBook received the pairing request and asked me to enter the code.
Then the pairing was done and the Newton was recognised.


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