[NTLK] Config Help for Pico Card

From: M. Hahn <greenthing.2100_at_googlemail.com>
Date: Mon Nov 12 2007 - 05:14:12 EST

All my efforts are in wain- they won't pair!
I think, I did it all like Eckhart says, (http://40hz.org/wiki/
index.php/Blunt) but it won't do it:

I install all the packages from Blunt (0,76), the Pico Card ist
sucessful, after a second start,
the Newton is recognized by the G4/1000.

When I try to pair I get 2 error codes 16013 an -48807 and the G4
says: "Make your divice Viewable"!

Sometimes the Newton resets by itself!

Do I have to change the systemsettings? I did it by Bluetooth/TCP/IP.
I never setup PPP!

Does anyone know, or do I have to smash the card? - It's absolutely new!



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