Re: [NTLK] Paul's ATA drivers and registration

From: William Pociengel <>
Date: Sat Nov 10 2007 - 11:35:18 EST

Riccardo Mori wrote:
> Jon Glass:
>> ... As in it is considered a conflict of interest with his
>> work, and is no longer "allowed." I really don't want to say too much

> I fail to understand how developing fixes and solutions for a 10+ year
> old handheld device and technology can represent a 'conflict of
> interest' for a company which is evidently oriented to very modern

interesting how apple and micro$oft both have retained control of newton
os and windows 3.1 respectively.

If the work you do at home is somehow related to or can take advantage
of the work you do at work then that would create a conflict of
interest. hence it would be a no no if you desired to remain employed.

When I used to work in the electronics engineering field I was required
to list specific items I was pursuing outside of my employment. I then
was not allowed to work on anything that resembled or could be
transfered to my personal 'stuff'. If ones employment is related to what
you are doing outside of work then you either don't become employed by
the company or you release your outside efforts. ie you can't spend time
and effort on outside activities that are in conflict with what you are
employed at.

It used to be that I could not spend spare time creating a supercomputer
right now I can't spend time trying to create, or operate a financial
services company (not that I have a desire to do so outside of my
current employment) but I think you get the picture.


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