Re: [NTLK] Paul's ATA drivers and registration

From: Riccardo Mori <>
Date: Sat Nov 10 2007 - 07:38:18 EST

Jon Glass:

> ... As in it is considered a conflict of interest with his
> work, and is no longer "allowed." I really don't want to say too much
> here, because some of my knowledge is based on private emails I had
> with him, hence my vagueness. However, he _did_ post on this list that
> he would have to discontinue working on his Newton projects because of
> his job in the industry, etc. not out of a lack of desire to work on
> the software, and also, not necessarily due to lack of time, but due
> to other considerations. I hope that clarifies things somewhat.

Just a consideration. (I swear I'm not pushing for details. I have
deep respect for Guyot and for what 'private' means.)

I fail to understand how developing fixes and solutions for a 10+ year
old handheld device and technology can represent a 'conflict of
interest' for a company which is evidently oriented to very modern
solutions and technologies. I suspect they're just worried that our
good Guyot gets too much carried away with "that crazy Newton thing"
and starts neglecting his job. :) (I'm half-joking here.)

But don't mind me: I just do not understand many things of the
corporate world and I'll never fit in anyway. I had a rather similar
experience in a different field time ago. I was starting a
collaboration with a new computer magazine, but I was told that if I
wanted in, I had to "forget about other collaborations". I could
understand their worry about yours truly collaborating with another
computer magazine, but they told me I also had to forget about
translation works and assignments -- that is 90% of what I do. I could
have complied if they had paid me enough money to sustain myself with
that job only; instead, they were paying not more not less than a
simple collaboration. In my case, of course, refusing was easy. Yet
the sets of limitations that company was imposing (again claiming
mysterious "conflicts of interest") was indeed puzzling.

Sorry for my rambling. Again, I respect Paul's choices and I think it
must have been hard for him to drop his Newton-related projects. I
wish him the best for his future endeavours!


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