Re: [NTLK] Silly cameras

From: Adam Goddard <>
Date: Mon Nov 05 2007 - 21:00:58 EST

On 06/11/2007, at 9:34 AM, Frank Gruendel wrote:
> Provided I can fix it (Adam, are you listening?), this silly camera
> will continue serving the extension and improvement of the site
> mentioned above, which I (again modestly and humbly) assume
> the Newton community will benefit from further.
> Sorry, couldn't resist. Duck and cover mode on...
> Frank
Yeah, I'm still reading the list, just immensely bogged down in
study. I have my exams start on the 14th. I've always had mixed luck
with repairing digital cameras, and we should always listen to OT
calls for help. If you get stuck somewhere, try and give me a
description of what it's doing, or can you borrow someone else's
camera to take a shot of it? It's always harder to assist diagnosis
from overseas. :-/

   - Adam Goddard

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