Re: [NTLK] NCX (was OT - Off Topic - Delta Airline SkyMiles)

From: James Wages <>
Date: Mon Nov 05 2007 - 20:51:35 EST

Some of you are claiming NCX doesn't work on 10.4 Tiger. I too was (and
still am) having disconnection problems. But I spoke with the developer,
Simon, and he asked me to send him a Console log. I would suggest that you
gentlemen do the same. For if a bug cannot be repeated, it cannot be fixed.
I have been on software beta programs for many years, so I can attest to
this fact.

In my case, I cannot make a complete backup (which includes all my internal
memory plus my 32MB linear card, which has 20MB of data on it). I would get
a disconnect after 10 minutes or so of transferring via serial at 115k baud.
But Simon suggested I investigate my Keyspan USA-28X USB-Serial adapter. So
I booted into OS 9 and tested with Apple's NCU, and guess what, it too gave
me disconnects. I then connected my Newton's serial cable (which is
attached to my Newton via SER001 board, by the way) to my SE/30 and used
Apple's NCU. It works perfectly on my SE/30, using the patched version of
NCU, running at 56k baud over serial. Backed up 32MB of data from my Newton
in just under 2 hours.

Of course, I would prefer to do this at 115k baud on my OS 10.4 Mac. But I
don't know how. I don't see how my Keyspan adapter could be "broken"
because if it was, then will can I transfer packages to my Newton just fine
(if the filesize is small) and why can I make 10 minutes worth of backup via
NCX under OS 10.4? Makes no sense that a "broken" adapter would do that.
And yet, I get disconnects under NCU in OS 9 now. I don't recall getting
them before. And nothing is wrong with my computer or its USB ports. It's
very perplexing.

I take time to state all this because perhaps some of you are having the
same problem. Are Keyspan adapters really this flakey?

All I can say is that when I connect my serial cable between my 2100 and my
SE/30, even though my Newton is using a SER001 board inside, it makes a
complete backup, even using the patched (56k baud) version of Apple's NCU!
In other words, when I exclude my Keyspan adapter from the equation,
everything works (albeit, not with NCX).

I prefer serial because I don't need to slap in an Ethernet card or mess
with Ethernet cables and my hub, nor do I need to deal with wireless issues.
I like serial. And I'd like it even better on my OS X machine. But I have
to use an adapter to do that. That's why I bought what I thought was the
best device for doing just that, the Keyspan USA-28X adapter! But yet, I
have these queer problems.

Anyone else out there experience something similar?


James Wages

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