Re: [NTLK] Fighting Complacency in the Newton Community

From: Matthew T. Boulanger <>
Date: Mon Jul 31 2006 - 12:23:16 EDT

Main Entry: 1 leech
Pronunciation: 'lEch
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English leche, from Old English l[AE]ce; akin to Old High German lAhhi physician

2 [from its former use by physicians for bleeding patients] : any of numerous carnivorous or bloodsucking usually freshwater annelid worms (class Hirudinea) that have typically a flattened lanceolate segmented body with a sucker at each end

3 : a hanger-on who seeks advantage or gain

synonym see PARASITE

Call me a leech, call me a lurker, call me what you will,
I don't code, hack, or solve the world's ills,
My Newton is my assistant, it helps me every day,
should I have to post to NewtonTalk with nothing important to say?
-Matt B.
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