Re: [NTLK] Fighting Complacency within the Newton Community

From: Mark Harter <>
Date: Mon Jul 31 2006 - 08:29:18 EDT

To Matt and all,
I too fail into the newbie category as I have only recently acquired a
Upgraded MP2000. I've wanted a 2000 or 2100 for years, but was finally lucky
enough to get a great deal on one. Now I love it and can't imagine life
without it.

Matt I don't know you from pretty much anyone else here, but I will say
this. If you are so tired of the "same old discussions", then (respectfully)
"Why are you still here"? No one is forcing you. It is your right to stay
here and complain/extoll/berate, as it is anyone else's to listen, to talk,
to lurk, that is the beauty of the net. To disagree. But to force people to
post if there is no need for it is counter-productive. I respect your
passion, misguided thou it might be. And talking spouting off about
"Apple-wielding lunatic fringe types" (Direct quote), what is that about?

Jon Glass's posting about the various levels hits the mark on many aspects.
Not everyone here can contribute, has the time or even the knowledge yet and
forcing someone to do so simply makes it spam. I'd love to write even
something simply for the newt, but sadly I'm not a programmer.

As time goes by less and less is available for the Newton, sites disappear,
or are broken. Some have left their software to the care of others, some
others have simply stopped supporting it. Where does that leave us? With
each other, that's where. There world of the Newton is pretty much finite
(for the most part, no new ones are going to be produced anytime soon),
technology on the other hand is not standing still and each year our
precious newts get just a bit older.

In the short time I've been here I have already seen new people, so clearly
the interest is there. But the post seems to wistfully wish for the "Good
old Days". To which I counter what is wrong with now? I can't think of any
device that is 10 years old in terms of its technology and that still has
this strong of a following...


On 7/30/06 10:37 PM, "" <> wrote:

> Hmm... Let's see... I managed to get a few admitted lurkers to actually post
> something! That's an accomplishment right there! :O)
> It's funny how my posting, borne out of a desire to see more folks get off
> their @$$e$ to contribute something -- anything -- suddenly is construed by
> other members as a neo-Nazi threat to the bulletin board! Interesting... Oh
> yes,
> by all means, let's just be a bunch of unorganized people who happen to use
> the same computing device... No sense in actually setting any kind of short
> or
> long-range objectives for the Community. That would just make it seem like we
> had a sense of direction, and God forbid that we should have an agenda!
> What I find the MOST interesting is that one would have to go pretty far back
> in the archives to find some of these people posting about another topic!
> Very interesting...
> Well, I tried to get some of these folks off of their @$$e$. Guess that makes
> me evil in the eyes of some Apple-wielding lunatic fringe types... It's not
> like I haven't shown my good intentions toward the Community half a hundred
> times in the past few years... I wonder what, if anything, some of these folks
> have contributed? Oh, and to the one extreme dumb@$$, I can't help what tag
> line my ISP puts in my e-mailed posting; it's not secret plot to push my ISP
> on
> you...
> Okay folks, the show's over... nothing more to see here... We now return to
> our same old revolving door discussions of ancient Newton review articles,
> 'How
> to sync with Apple OS whatever', Steve Jobs, Hiroshi drivers, and how to
> avoid spending fifteen dollars for a sync cable. Yawn...
> Matt K.
> Detroit, Michigan, USA

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