[NTLK] RESOLUTION: 16022 error, modem not working, etc.

From: Jim Felder <felder_at_knology.net>
Date: Thu Jul 27 2006 - 23:11:57 EDT

I worked really late last night to finish some advance pages for a
book I'm designing. Knowing I had to be out of town all day today, I
put some sporadic time in to getting the information on my Newton
into play after a downhill slide of connectivity that had me running
scared. I had put a lot of words on that Newton in the few weeks I've
had it, and I couldn't get them off. I can't say exactly what I did
that worked, but I'll tell you what I did, and that something worked.

If I had to guess, it was probably getting rid of a bad package and
second place goes to re-telling my Newton which slot the modem was in.

I wiped out every transport package and reloaded new NIE components
not from downloads, but from an old Newton archive from 2000 I made
to CD ROM. No chance that those were corrupt or misinterpreted by OS
X environment.

Then I re-createdm Internet Setup for dialup.

Then I went under Modem and told the Newton which card was where. I
never use the "anywhere" option, as I recall this was problem prone
from my Newton experience almost a decade ago. But I did tell the
newton again where the modem was, again, anyway, and it fired right
up into my ISP's dialup.

I don't think that I mentioned that my G4 PB HD died, my Newton
stopped dialup, my 250 gig external HD broke a pin off the power
supply cable and my wireless/wired router bit the dust all within 36
hours of each other (no, it wasn't lightning, it hasn't even rained
here in months). Technologically, I was left with a undershelf can
opener and a flashlight that worked. But I'm clawing my way back into
this century day by day. Tomorrow I should get my G4 out of the shop,
but since I've now got my wife's iMac loaded with apps and fonts and
such, it may gather dust till my next breather.

Thanks so much to the people who offered to take info off my card so
I could have it. That's a good idea. I belong to a VW Vanagon
newsgroup, and it's very neighborly like that, and it works very
well. We send each other stuff all the time. So thanks again, but I
won't be needing such help by the skin of my teeth.

I will be boldly venturing back into the world of ethernet wired and
wireless connectivity as soon as I can, but right now my hands are
full with backed-up projects and I am grateful for my simple dial-up

Vive la Newton.


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