Re: [NTLK] eMate batteries deplete very quickly

From: Frank Gruendel <>
Date: Wed Jul 26 2006 - 17:24:46 EDT

> Then over the rest of the day the battery life
> dwindles down to close to zero, with flash card
> inserted and frequent backlight use.

My NewtTest application will tell you the current
drawn from the battery at any given moment. Without
the backlight and with the eMate doing nothing, it should
be around 50...60mA. With the backlight turned on, it should
increase to about 80mA. If NewtTest reports anything significantly
higher, we know at least WHY your battery is discharged that

> I'd like to do a better test, though, and would
> appreciate being able to try your package (that
> discharges the batteries) if you'd be willing to send
> it to me off-list (ghadiusghadius -at- yahoo dot com).

It is available for download in the software section of the
site in the signature. If you can't access the software
page, please drop me a line off-list and I'll send it to
you as a mail attachment.

> 'Tis. I haven't got the right multimeter leads to get
> in the end of the AC adapter cable... Have to get
> those. But the Avi's Backdrop battery monitor reads
> the AC current as "6.6x" (where x varies from 0-8).

This is unlikely. There's to the best of my knowledge no
way to measure the AC current by software. If you mean
the DC VOLTAGE, a value of 6.6x (if it's 6.6x Volt) might
explain things. If your charger turns out only 6.6 Volt
instead of the 7.5 Volt it is supposed to turn out, you'll
not be able to charge the battery fully. Ignore for the
time being that the eMate says 100% nonetheless.
NewtTest could probably shed some light on this, too.

How long does it take the eMate to charge the battery from
0% to 100%?

Since this happened out of the blue, it is unlikely that
this is the reason, but make sure you have the latest
system software installed. It fixes some severe power manager
problems. The latest system software
is 737246. You'll find this patch at


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