Re: [NTLK] Samsung Q1

From: Karel Jansens <>
Date: Fri Jul 21 2006 - 17:53:53 EDT

Lord Groundhog schreef:
> I've recently come across these: <>.
> I couldn't see what all the fuss is about. I have no idea if XP Tablet is
> actually any good so maybe I'm talking through my bald-spot, but I've
> certainly never heard of HWR that compares all that well with what I get
> from my Newt. I admit I'd like a brighter screen to cater for my ageing
> eyes, but it'd take more than a pretty screen to get me to swap my Newton.
> So who can answer my Q1 on the Q1?

I don't know anything about the HWR that comes standard with XP Tablet
edition, but I do know there's at least one Windows solution that works
almost as well as the Newton's HWR:

If you have an old tablet lying around, it's worth trying. Not
surprisingly, PenOffice is based on the ParaGraph HWR algorithms of the
Newton itself. Just have a look at the handwriting finetuning panel:

and tell me that doesn't look eerily familiar.

Just one caveat: UMPCs have *abysmal* battery life.

Karel Jansens

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