Re: [NTLK] Newton Museum download and Acquisition

From: L.W. Brown <>
Date: Mon Jul 03 2006 - 18:02:14 EDT

Could be all others wanting it have finished.

I don't know Acquis., but generally you "seed" on from a complete
file, tho you always both upload _and_ download while it is
incomplete on your machine: that's how the system works - for
example, the whole file has 10 parts; I already got parts 1,3, & 5;
you got 2,4, & 6; I send you 1,3 & 5, while you send me 2,4, & 6, and
we both get the rest from the "seed" - sometimes you get a part
before me, and I get it from you instead of the seed; other times
it's the other way round; the "tracker" knows who needs what, and who
has what; we all send & receive at the same time until it's all done
for everyone.

Sorry for the lecture, and please correct any misstatements... It's
fascinating & ensbling tech that must not be killed by the $$$-boys...

On 3. Jul, 2006, at 16:19, Jon Scordia wrote:

> However so far I've seen no uploads at all, though while downloading
> I see 2-3 peers and 2-3 seeds.
> So my question is this. Is Acquisition (being a p2p application
> firstly with torrent ability tacked on) the wrong app to be seeding
> with (sorry, trying to do my bit!)
> Or should I wait till the download is complete and keep the computer
> online for a few more days to allow others to upload?

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