[NTLK] Newton Museum download and Acquisition

From: Jon Scordia <jscordia_at_mac.com>
Date: Mon Jul 03 2006 - 16:19:57 EDT

Hi guys.

I've been downloading Adriano's torrent file using Acquisition. I'm
working on the understanding that if I leave even the partial
download in the share folder, it'll be seeded and help others upload.

However so far I've seen no uploads at all, though while downloading
I see 2-3 peers and 2-3 seeds.

So my question is this. Is Acquisition (being a p2p application
firstly with torrent ability tacked on) the wrong app to be seeding
with (sorry, trying to do my bit!)

Or should I wait till the download is complete and keep the computer
online for a few more days to allow others to upload?



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