[NTLK] [Admin] How?s everyone doing?

Stephen Weyer swxtra1 at icloud.com
Wed Sep 23 12:34:31 EDT 2020

all’s well here in Southern Oregon — at least for most of us, now.

among the many fires in the West, you may have heard of the “Almeda” fire
which started about 2 mi. from my house in Ashland. 
fortunately, strong winds moved the fire away from us,
but untortunately devastated 2 towns just to our north: Talent, and Phoenix (OR).
plus hazardous smoke levels in entire region.

here’s NYT overview:


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>    Hello list!
>    It?s been awful quiet around here, so I thought I?d check in and see how everyone is doing now that autumn is just around the corner.
>    All?s well here in Calgary.
>    (Given the global circumstances, of course.)
>    g.

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