[NTLK] [Admin] How’s everyone doing?

Noah Leon moosefuel at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 20:14:33 EDT 2020

Hey Grant and all. 

I feel like after the first WONC conference my summer has been a bit of a whirlwind, I haven’t had time to engage with the incredible developments that happened a little earlier this summer: Paul cracking the secure internet for the Newt, Matthias’ developments, it’s almost like a good TV show that I want to go back and re-watch in detail. Good thing Pawel recorded it all. Now I just need some time.

I finally got email working on my Newt (Merci encore Sylvain), and got it on my home WiFi, so I’m still happily using it here and there. The addition of Scribble to iPad has really given me a good feeling, partly because I know we were right about writing all along.

With everything going wrong in the world at least some things are going in the right direction, and even if I can’t be as involved as I’d like with the list I”m happy to read the everybody’s posts.

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