[NTLK] Request for MP130 part

Anthony Velasco ecotone at mac.com
Fri Sep 4 21:30:27 EDT 2020

Hello Folks! I’m coming out of lurk-mode after a long hiatus, because I’m doing a repair for a fellow Newton enthusiast near me and need assistance with finding a solution.

His MP130 power switch was getting sloppy and finally quit over a period of time. I have disassembled it and found that a spring appears to be missing from inside the switch. I am hoping that someone might have a parts Newton that they would be willing to sell the circuit board or even just the switch. I have not been able to find a similar switch from any of the electronics suppliers - if you know if one please let me know who has it and what part number. If photos and measurements are needed, I can provide pictures of the internal workings of the switch, and of the circuit board.

We are in the Washington, DC area and will cover reasonable costs of the parts and shipping. 

Thank you kindly for any suggestions and/or wisdom you are willing to share!

— Tony Velasco 

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