[NTLK] [ANN] New archive of NewtonOS icons

Morgan Aldridge morgant at makkintosshu.com
Tue Oct 13 14:22:55 EDT 2020

On Mon, Oct 12, 2020 at 4:21 PM Grant Hutchinson via NewtonTalk
<newtontalk at newtontalk.net> wrote:
> There’s an almost complete set of greyscale icons, images, and sprites that were with Prism Research’s BinHexer package. It wasn’t on UNNA, so you can nab it from my server instead:
> https://splorp.me/download/binhexer11.zip

Very nice! Thanks to Sylvain for linking to the Wayback Machine
archive of this, as well. I'll have to get this and the other Prism
Research software, which I thought was lost, uploaded to UNNA.

> Additionally, Matthias provided a set of icons which includes those found in the button bar. The link he provided in the original message thread is dead, but here’s a copy:
> https://splorp.me/download/newtonicons.zip

Excellent! I actually tried to use ROM Soup
<https://github.com/pablomarx/ROM-Soup> prior to doing it manually,
but it wouldn't accept the ROM file I had.

I'll try to find time to get all of these merged into the repository!

On Tue, Oct 13, 2020 at 4:27 AM Pawel Piotrowski <newton at indigi.co.uk> wrote:
> This is what I have on my HDD.
> http://software.applenewton.co.uk/?dir=-%3DAppleNewtonFanResources%3D-/Newton%20icons <http://software.applenewton.co.uk/?dir=-=AppleNewtonFanResources=-/Newton%20icons>

These are nice icon sets, Pawel. I'll have to get these uploaded to
UNNA, as well.

My apologies if I missed anyone,

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