[NTLK] Newton song

B kosmicdollop at saber.net
Tue Jun 30 15:12:37 EDT 2020

Frank wrote:
> Excellent! More!
>> ?I love you Newton, oh yes I do?? ? to the tune of ?We Love You Conrad?
> Well, that's exactly the problem. Everything that's "to the tune of"
> something is, in all likeliness, infringing copyrights left and right.


Much as I’d like to think Newton is prominent in current culture...

Frank, do you really think amateurs fiddling with a tune on this email list would grab an attorney blood hound’s attention?

My sense is Newton is pretty much off humanity’s radar.

Long as there’s no promoting and no selling, I suspect we don’t need to worry about legal sharks.

Maybe even if somebody put it on YouTube or some such, if there were no mention of the source title, I suspect it wouldn’t need a shark cage, would stay under their radar.


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