[NTLK] Pretec PC Card

Pawel Piotrowski newton at indigi.co.uk
Mon Jun 22 20:32:50 EDT 2020

Try to instal ATA driver. If Newton still do not recognise that card it mean that the card can not be used by Newton.

Not all Linear cards will work with Newton. Not all ATA cards will work with ATA driver. For Example Intel Value Series 200 will not work with any Newton. Event if that cards are Linear.

More info about PCMCIA memory cards on my website: http://applenewton.co.uk/newton-workshop/memory-card-types/ <http://applenewton.co.uk/newton-workshop/memory-card-types/>

Could you send me some photo (front and back) of your card?


> On 23 Jun 2020, at 00:31, Dennis Swaney <romad at nvwisp.com> wrote:
> Can anyone tell me the specs of an FAD032-P Pretec PC Card? It is a 32 MB
> card and has the word "Flash" on it. My MP2100 doesn't recognize it but was
> wondering if there was a way to format it so it would be recognized.
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> Dennis B. Swaney
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