[NTLK] Lender Card (NewtonTalk)

Jim C. guardsix6 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 13:02:27 EDT 2020


Thanks for so much for the response.  And, Yes! I would certainly like the 20 MB flash card.  That sounds like a fantastic deal that will alleviate a lot of my current frustrations with my Apple Messagepad 2100!  I have a MacBook Pro 13 and an iMac, plus a bunch of Windows PCs but I can’t get any of them to transfer pkgs to the Messagepad even using a  serial cable to Dongle with something called FTDI drivers, but it still won’t connect.  Seems like it wants to, but the file transfer stops about half-way through.

Anyway, you want to send me a PayPal invoice?  Is that this works?  If so, let’s do this.

Jim Chapman
guardsix6 at gmail.com

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