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Sun Jun 21 13:27:43 EDT 2020

> I'm guessing, but even though the size of rechargeable, NiMH,
> AA batteries are based on a manufacturing standard, they're not all the
same size.

That's correct. Oh, that's sooo correct...

Does anyone have any first-hand data on this, Frank? ; - )

I don't have details, but I can confirm that every single brand I've ever
used for rebuilds has been a tad larger than the cells Apple originally
used. That's why I always have to make room with a Dremel tool before I put
the new cells in, and that's also one of the reasons why rebuilt packs
aren't as sturdy as original ones.

> What are the different size diameters of different rechargeable, NiMH AA
battery brands?

I haven't a clue. I've never measured that. But next time I make a rebuild,
I'll measure the old and the new cells and let y'all know.



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