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Dennis Swaney romad at nvwisp.com
Sat Jun 20 15:51:22 EDT 2020

Sounds good, Frank, thanks for the reply. Oh, I read on Eneloop101.com that
the Pro version is slightly "wider" than the Standard version; I don't know
what they mean by "wider" since the only dimensions of a cylinder are
Length, Diameter, and Circumference.

Dennis B. Swaney

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On Sat, Jun 20, 2020 at 12:04 PM NewtonTalk <newtontalk at pda-soft.de> wrote:

> > Frank, do you use the Eneloop Pro batteries? I just have the standard
> > Eneloops: 1900mAh 2100 recharge cycles. While the Pros are 2400-2500mAh
> > (33% greater), they only last 500 recharge cycles (75% less), but cost
> more.
> > To me it seems the Eneloop Standard batteries are more value for the
> money,
> > but does the Newton MP2100 run better and longer with Eneloop Pros?
> It doesn't run better. But it certainly runs longer. And, to be honest, 500
> recharge cycles is still quite a lot. Especially considering that the cells
> won't be dead after that. They'd probably be still better than the standard
> Eneloop cells when those are new.
> The main reason I've started using the Pro cells, though, is because I
> wanted to know how they live up to what they promise. But I won't use them
> für battery rebuilds for the time being, since the last batch I bought
> contained one cell that was so poorly spot-welded that the battery pack
> made
> problems in two of the five Newtons I tested it in. Good thing that I'm so
> paranoid. The sheer manufacturing tolerances of the Newtons' cases
> controlled whether the poor spot-weld caused a problem or not. Good thing I
> tested this pack with the second Newton. In the first one it passed all
> test
> cycles without a hitch.
> I've never had any spot-weld problem with any of the other cell brands I've
> ever used in the past. So for the time being I'll revert to standard
> Eneloop
> cells for my rebuilds.
> Cheers
> Frank
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