[NTLK] MacOS Alpha version of Einstein 2020.4.3

Matthias Melcher m.melcher at robowerk.de
Sat Jun 20 09:43:20 EDT 2020

I added an Alpha version for Linux as well.

There is a known problem for all 2020 versions of Einstein: NewtonOS does not always receive keyboard events. Restarting Einstein often helps, and after two or three restarts, NewtonOS will accept keyboard input from Einstein.

Toolbox uses the same mechanism to comtrol NewtonOS and upload packages. If NewtonOS does not see keystrokes, it will also not see Toolbox events. You can still build packages, but you can;t install or run them easily.

Again, restarting Einstein usually fixes this, but it truly is a bug, and I will try to fix that ASAP. Bugs that are sometimes there, sometimes not, are the worst!

 - Matthias

PS: not sure when I will get to compile the Windows version... .

> On Jun 20, 2020, at 01:37, Matthias Melcher <m.melcher at robowerk.de> wrote:
> http://www.messagepad.org/Newton_Installs.html#macOS
> http://www.messagepad.org/Newton_Script_ETK.html

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