[NTLK] Removed adhesive screen protection, what a difference

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Tue Jun 16 16:23:28 EDT 2020

I would suggest Nusheilds.  They are not adhesive and I didn't see any difference between with and without it being installed.  Perhaps a little less contrast but still worth using the screen protector.

The adhesive based ones where WriteWrite's?  They had a interesting feel, but in the end nothing compared to Nusheilds or the plain screen.

As for a pen, I agree try a new one.  Especially if that one has any sort of wear on the tip, that alone can scratch the screen.  PDAPanache is my fav, although the MP2x00 pens are hard to find these days.  But they do have many "plain" pens really cheap and work well.

I was just looking at their site and the M stylus looks like it even might fit the MP2x00 silo but don't quote me on that.  I do have a bunch of their "stick" ones as well.  I don't know if they will still replace the tips but they used to for their better pens.

Doesn't look like they have much of a selection at the moment.  I hope they are not going out of business.


On 6/16/2020 10:23 AM, timjohnson wrote:
> Hi all,
> About a week ago I took the suggestion of a veteran member of this list, 
> and removed the adhesive screen protection from a 2100 I'd been given in 
> ~2016.  Wow, what a difference.
> This unit had left me doubting my own memories regarding how well the 
> pen input worked on my old, misplaced 2000/2100.   This unit just didn't 
> live up.  But after I peeled off that glorified Scotch™ tape and rubbed 
> the screen with a few ounces of Goo Gone™, it was like the whole green 
> world had re-opened to me.
> In a way, I'm glad it had the screen protection installed when it was 
> given to me.  It means the screen is nearly mint for me to now scratch 
> up on my own use.  So, thanks to the person who originally applied it, 
> and thanks also to the veteran member of this list who supplied me with 
> the confidence to remove it.  I'm back to setting up To-Do items, 
> checking them off, and entering transactions into PocketMoney, just like 
> it was 199x/20xx all over again.
> Cheers,
> Tim

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