[NTLK] [ANN] mbedTLS 2.16.6 for NewtonOS

Sylvain Pilet sylvain at pilet.net
Sun Jun 14 19:38:13 EDT 2020


Yes you're right for SMTP I use a standard connection on port 587, only the login/pass sending is encoded (in Base64 on MailV).

For this Reset story, I'm doubtful, I've had several Reset without another PCMCIA card in the second port. I tried on three Newton, it makes me randomly Reset not every time but from time to time. Most of the time it happens just after the Internet connection is established. I tried with three different RJ45 cards but it's the same, let's say that Reset appears 1 time out of 5. 

Otherwise I tried mbedTLS with an eMate300, I have one that has the memory expansion card. The test via "mbedTLS Test" is positive for the http://apple.com and for its SSL version https://apple.com, I found the eMate not much slower than the MP2100 in this test.
On the other hand, for the same MailV configuration as on the MP2100 tests, the eMate returns an error: "Internet Error: -29312" which occurs when receiving emails. 


Oui tu as raison pour le SMTP j'utilise une connexion standard sur le port 587, seul l'envoi du login/pass est codé, enfin pas vraiment codé juste encodé en Base64 comme il se doit. 

Pour cette histoire de Reset, je suis dubitatif, j'ai eu plusieurs Reset sans qu'il y est une autre carte PCMCIA dans le deuxième port. J'ai essayer sur trois Newton, ça me fait des Reset aléatoirement pas à chaque fois mais de temps en temps. Il intervient la plupart du temps juste après que la connexion Internet est établie. J'ai essayé avec trois cartes RJ45 différentes mais c'est idem, disons que les Reset apparaissent 1 fois sur 5. 
Autrement j'ai essayé avec un eMate300, j'en ai un qui a la carte d'extension mémoire. Le test via "mbedTLS Test" est positif pour le site http://apple.com ainsi que pour sa version SSL https://apple.com, j'ai d'ailleurs troouvé l'eMate pas beaucoup plus lent que les MP2100 dans ce test.
Par contre pour la même configuration MailV que sur les MP2100 de tests, l'eMate retourne une erreur : "Internet Error: -29312" qui intervient lors de la réception des mails. 
On peut peut-être voir d'où vient le problème avec NTK ? Où tu vois déjà quel serait le problème ? 

Sylvain Pilet

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> Thank you for your test.
> To clarify things, the small MailVSSLPatch I wrote only enables SSL for receiving mails (over IMAP). For sending mails, no encryption is supported, as SMTP over TLS on port 465 is not standard, and encryption of SMTP traffic typically requires using the STARTTLS command. Upgrading a connection to SSL does work, but enabling it with Mail V requires more modification and I hope Simon Bell will update Mail V to support mbedTLS. Besides, most ISP do allow outgoing mail as long as it comes from their IPs.
> After your mail I did try tests with Einstein with only 1MB of RAM and I confirm it just doesn't work. I even tried the test which disables certificate verification (which means root certificates are not loaded, saving about 300 kb), but it still fails. mbedTLS memory usage is low, but maybe not low enough. There might be some options, though, and we could investigate if there is a demand for it.
> What kind of memory card did you use in the second PCMCIA port? Resets of the Newton do happen on memory aborts, which might be caused by a memory error or by a bug.
> Paul

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