[NTLK] [ANN] mbedTLS 2.16.6 for NewtonOS

Matej Horvat matej.horvat at guest.arnes.si
Sun Jun 14 17:16:55 EDT 2020

I looked at the file Common/mbedtls/config.h and I think you could disable  
some options to reduce the size of the code:

* undefine MBEDTLS_SSL_PROTO_DTLS because it's unlikely that any Newton  
application will need DTLS
* undefine MBEDTLS_ARC4_C because ARC4 is not considered secure anymore,  
therefore no servers use it anymore (and if they do, they don't use it  
* undefine MBEDTLS_CAMELLIA_C because Camellia is rarely used (any servers  
that use it probably also support AES)
* undefine MBEDTLS_DES_C (same reason as for ARC4)
* undefine MBEDTLS_SSL_SRV_C because Newtons are generally not servers  
(except if someone makes a patch for NPDS, but then there could be a  
separate version of the mbedTLS package for that)
* undefine MBEDTLS_XTEA_C because XTEA is rarely used (and not supported  
in TLS anyway?)

Since you needed to make your own development tools for this, do you  
happen to know why the Newton C++ Tools can't (officially) generate code  
for OS 1.x? The OS can execute NewtonScript functions that are compiled  
into BinCFunctions, so I don't see any obvious reason why C++ code  
wouldn't work.

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