[NTLK] MP2100 - Can't format flash card

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Wed Jun 10 16:07:08 EDT 2020

> I just got a used linear flash card for my MessagePad 2100, a SMART 16MB
> Every time I put it in and try to format it I get a -10551 error message.
Is there anything 
> I can try to fix it or is the card just broken?

-10551 means "Flash card is busy". Might be a good idea to give it some time
before trying to format it.
Is this a Cisco card? Used older cards of this manufacturer are often
unreliable, since they have been used in routers. Flash RAM chips have a
limited number of write cycles. In a Newton you'll never reach that number,
but in a router write cycles could occur any couple of milliseconds around
the clock. This is why Cisco regularly replaced these cards. Occasionally
some of these replaced cards pop up at eBay. 


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