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Tue Jun 2 16:56:35 EDT 2020

> That what I'm trying to do, by asking questions! But the most specific
answer you've given is "Maybe...maybe not..."

I frequently give hints in my answers, but oftentimes they're overlooked.
And sometimes I take the liberty of being ambiguous, just because that's so
much fun. I also do that to prove that assumptions are never a good idea.
> And what is, exactly, the difference between an assumption and a guess?

I might be wrong here because English is not my native tongue. In my book an
assumption is something you think must be true. You act accordingly, and you
never question your action. There's an on-going discussion between The Best
Wife Ever and me. She often assumes things to be true because the rules of
her definition of common sense leave no other choice, not because she has
verified them. She's often wrong, though, for a variety of reasons. People
tend to have their own definition of common sense. For example, many list
members based their first guesses on assuming we're talking of an electronic
device here. Which I never said. Others assumed it was for a Newton. Which I
never said, either. Nobody considered it might be a pen, or a tinted display
protection foil, or a beach chair for a Sharp ExpertPad. It's nothing of the
three, by the way. It might even be an electronic device.

A guess, on the other hand, is something you think is probably true, while
you're perfectly aware you might be wrong. It's just that you think your
guess is so much more likely than all the other guesses you can think of.

> A weirdly cut piece of cheese?

Nope. All pictures depict parts of the article itself or of what's left over
after manufacture.

> The 7th image looks like cut nylon or fiberglass that's been burned on the
edges and maybe set rigid with glue/epoxy.


> Soft colorful carry pouch.


> A case for extra batteries plus at least one memory card.


> it's some kind of aid or guide for performing repairs on an eMate.
> I'm almost certainly wrong - but if I'm right I get a free one, and I
could use something like that :D

Nope, and yep. It's not a kind of aid, and you're almost certainly wrong.
But your logic is impressive!

> An emate case of many colours.


> It kinda looks like leather or a simulation of leather


> BTW would the Monty Python reference be the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

I don't think so. There was a Monty Python film with someone who always had
a bit of his home with him wherever he went. It looked like half a square
foot of earth with grass on top.

> Do I get one of THOSE if I guess it right? ?

I'm afraid my supply of Holy Hand Grenades is so limited by now that I'm
unable to give any away. But since I think yours is the wrong reference
anyway, this is probably a moot point.

> I think yellow-7 shows what might be:
> A) two views of the same thing from different sides, or


> B) two different things


> I think green-6 is the felt that, probably with sticky stuff on the other
side, goes on the bottom of yellow-7


> it appears to be something with some thickness


> that is cushioned on one side


> and provides some sort of border, boundary, recess, indentation, or
something for perhaps raising something, keeping something from moving


>  or-and keeping something from marring the surface of something else


> The outlines of yellow-7 and green-6 are the same, but reversed, that's
the clue that links them.


> BTW, I replaced the number 7 with an 8 in the URL to see if the next image
was sitting there, in the directory, waiting to be leaked, but it's not.

You, Sir, and me, Sir, have a lot in common. Although, unfortunately, I've
only once had the pleasure of meeting you face to face, I knew that from the
start. So please allow me to re-post what I said two weeks ago when I
started this fun project:

Ah, almost forgot: If you think trying to find pictures WhatIsThis02.png,
WhatIsThis03.png etc. might give you an advantage: I most definitely like
the way you're thinking! Unfortunately, Frank's brain works more or less the
same way. This is the first thing he'd try out. So don't bother. These
images will appear, but only _after_ I have announced them here.

> :-P I call that being clever, not cheating.

So do I. Then again, I call posting my pictures at short notice being

Here's another tip. The article will be available in different colors. So
the color will not help you figure out which article we are looking for.

The next image is here:


And here are the images you already know, just for convenience's sake.


Good luck


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