[NTLK] New eMate display protection foils available

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Tue Oct 15 17:58:49 EDT 2019

> Are they adhesive? 

Yes, they are. Installation is more or less standard. You

- thoroughly clean the display, blowing off all dust
- relocate to the bathroom, because that's usually the room with the lowest
dust level
- blow the dust off again
- remove the foil protecting the protection foil
- apply the latter to the display without further ado

I left out the bathroom yesterday since I was so excited. That's why, if you
look closely, you'll find two or three entrapped dust particles in my
pictures. You wouldn't believe how fast and target-orientated an innocent
dust particle can become if it sees someone installing a display protection

I just uploaded installation instructions in six languages:

English and German:


Spanish and Russian:


French and Italian:




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