[NTLK] New eMate display protection foils available

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Tue Oct 15 07:51:57 EDT 2019

Hi gang,

since scratched eMate displays are getting more and more difficult to
replace, I recently had display
protection foils made. They have rounded corners, which makes installation
much easier. Moreover,
they're ever so slightly smaller than the visible display area, which will
relieve you of the arduous
task of having to get their edges under the bezel.

I'm extremely pleased about how they turned out. I cut one of them in half
and applied it
to the left half of my eMate so that you can see the (negligible) difference
in the same picture:

Extras folder, no backlight, picture taken without flash:


Extras folder, no backlight, picture taken with flash to get an idea of the
amount of reflection:


Extras folder with backlight:


NewtTest with backlight (foil ends between column 14 and 15):


While my limited supply lasts, these animals will set you back EUR 4.00
apiece or EUR 10.00 for three,
plus what I pay for stamps. Last time I looked, this was (for up to three
foils) EUR 0.80 for destinations
in Germany and EUR 1.10 for all other destinations on this planet.

Please drop me a line off-list if you're interested.



PS I'm contemplating having the same kind of foils made for 2x00 Newton.
Since the final price, as usual,
depends on the number produced, it would be cool if you would post the
number of foils you'd be interested
in to this list.

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