[NTLK] Sharp ExpertPad

Maury Estabrooks maurye at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 12:48:16 EDT 2019

I break out the Sharp PI-7000 with NOS1.3 more often than the MP130 with NOS2.0 plus backlight. As a lefty, my palm glides along the edges of the curved face as I hold it with my right hand. 

The right side of the case has a concave design which my thumb rests quite comfortably in. The plastic cover flips left to right then under where the MP130 flips bottom to top then under. IMHO, using the Sharp is less evident in the hand as I noodle or scribble ideas. 

I used the rechargeable AAA battery pack from a MP100/110 and clipped some plastic off the case to where it would fit comfortably in the Sharp. I use NiMH 1000mA rechargables and receive awesome battery life in the Sharp. 

I have heard/read that Sharp sold between 10k-15k units compared to to 50k units of the Newton MessagePad. Could this be true?

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