[NTLK] I'm torn...

Gene beaird bgbeaird at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 25 13:23:32 EDT 2019

Based on replies here, I’ve also downloaded the Nebo app to my iPP and gave it a try.  It works pretty well for note taking, especially with my crummy handwriting, to quote my wife.  I’ve not tried it for much, though, but do plan to try it in my shop to document a how-to, or two.  That might be a good use for it, IF I can find a format to export it to that can be used on the web.

My Newton time is very limited these days, mostly due to the fact that the battery life, even with rechargeables, and my ‘day job’ being at a keyboard for 9 hours a day.  I still keep them charged up, and still get a warm feeling of nostalgia when I turn them on, but don’t do much more than that these days.  

Nebo + iPP seems like a good compromise between not much and the Newton.  But it is closer to ’not much’.  :-)


Gene Beaird,
Pearland, Texas

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> So,
> I went to the Apple Store and tried the Nebo App with Apple Pencil.  The Apple Pencil is absolutely AMAZING!  It really is by far better than any stylus I?ve tried.  I love it and I love creating stuff on ProCreate.  But to try and do the following, on the Nebo app, 
> https://tublrbersky.tumblr.com/post/183681460353 <https://tublrbersky.tumblr.com/post/183681460353>
> It was NOT possible.  I create notes like an artist.  I love being able to have the ?fancy? font which is almost like a comical font and the system or fancy font to use in speech bubbles.  It?s just not the same thing.  If Apple ever makes the Notes app capable of Handwriting Recognition, I think I would embrace the iPad mini with the Apple Pencil.  But until then, I?m really find myself LOVING the  Apple Newton Notes app.  It?s remarkably simple, powerful, elegant, ect? After 25+ years, Apple has not been able to re-create the Newton experience.  
> Truefuly this is how I feel.  I pull out my Apple Newton 130 in a meeting, and start taking notes, and enjoying the experience and putting  graphics where I can, and arrows the such.  And co-workers or people will say ?WHAT IS That??  And I tell them, and often people will take our their phone and take a picture of it.  So somehow I get a bit self-consciencious, maybe even feeling famous, or a dinosaur nerd, etc? you will in the gaps.  So having an Apple Mini with a Pencil would make me look hip and, well part of the 2100 century.  But? ALAS my ARTY side wins out, the Newton Notes app is so much more pleasant to write notes with.
> Mark

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