[NTLK] I’m torn...

Bernard Kobier bernie at kobier.id.au
Sun Mar 24 17:49:20 EDT 2019


This sounds like the dilemma my daughter went through a 2 years ago when she was driving a mid ‘70s VW Beetle. 
People would stop and talk to her about it and take photos and wave and generally pay a lot of attention. But she wanted the comfort of air conditioning so sold the beetle and bought a golf- no no one waves or stops to chat and she lost a bit of nice social interaction. 

Good luck with your decision. 

I only pull my MP130 I’ve owned for 20odd years out on special occasions and it certainly gains a lot more attention than any shiny new “i” devices. I should get out more often... 


> Truefuly this is how I feel.  I pull out my Apple Newton 130 in a meeting, and start taking notes, and enjoying the experience and putting  graphics where I can, and arrows the such.  And co-workers or people will say “WHAT IS That?”  And I tell them, and often people will take our their phone and take a picture of it.  So somehow I get a bit self-consciencious, maybe even feeling famous, or a dinosaur nerd, etc… you will in the gaps.  So having an Apple Mini with a Pencil would make me look hip and, well part of the 2100 century.  But… ALAS my ARTY side wins out, the Newton Notes app is so much more pleasant to write notes with.
> Mark

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