[NTLK] Apple Pencil vs Newton Notes

Mark Kuberski berskyboy at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 15:49:57 EDT 2019

> Wow. That?s quite the vintage 
> technology hidey-hole you have.

> Are you just running the Newtons on 
> batteries?

Yes I use Eneloop PROs they seems to last a week with daily use and I’m able to recharge them (I think they are rated at 500 charges)

> Most of mine is in my workshop, 
> stored in bins or on shelves ... as 
> Noah can attest to.

> Here?s a few photos from my 
> Instagram stream over the past few 
> years ...

Nice workshop!! All I get in the house is on “small” room lol.  But I’m able to close the door and with the Star lights I feel I’m actually in a spaceship or on the enterprise or a turbo craft.

I’m still TORN after playing with Apple Pencil, but I think I’m LEANING on the Newton Notes still!  Such a rock solid Notes App!  Maybe if Apple brought text and image capability into the notes similar like the Newton Notes app (or maybe like Apple Pages).

I guess I can hold out to see if the “dream of getting Einstein on iPad!”


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