[NTLK] Apple Fordable with Pencil Support

Mark Kuberski berskyboy at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 12:26:41 EDT 2019

The real reason I think I'm torn is, I value simplicity.

I have an iPhone 7 Plus and use and love it.  I have tried to use stylus'
on it to no avail.  I have had many iPads in the past and many stylus'
including the Adonit Stylus.  I was holding out buying with the Apple
pencil on iPad Pro because of the form factor.  The Newton fits in my coat
breast pocket, in my pocket (temporarily, as it's a pretty unsightly
bulge), until Apple supported the iPad mini with pencil, there was no way I
was going to try and put an iPad Pro, or 9, 10" iPad in my pocket (haha).

The issue is not the price and convincing my wife I want another "toy",
it's about simplicity and practicality.  The Newton is so very practical at
what is does.  It's brilliant at notes!

... So I'm thinking the best option (which may NEVER be an option, knowing
Apple), is a fordable iPhone with pencil support.  That for me would be the
perfect solution.  One device to carry in my pocket, and a pencil I could
file in my breast pocket or on my bag.  I LOVE drawing, doodling, and even
animating stuff.  And I'm finding great use out of my Newton for notes.  I
think having a phone to take notes would be the ultimate.  But it has to be
at least TWICE the size as an iPhone plus at the moment--hence the
fold-able iPhone.

Having said that... we may never see the fold-able Phone, and if we did
would it have Pencil support?

I love the discussion and all your thoughts.  This user group is very very
cool "feature" of the Newton Ecosystem.


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