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On Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 13:06 Morgan Aldridge <morgant at makkintosshu.com>

> On Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 11:14 Noah Leon <moosefuel at gmail.com> wrote:
>> So how is Morgan doing on UNNA? I would love to see it back up.
>> Morgan, do you need any help from us?
> TL;DR: I haven't made much progress, and could use some help soon, but I'm
> still not sure what kind of help yet.
> Eerily timed question, Noah. Unfortunately, work and poor health have been
> getting in the way of my server recovery until relatively recently, but I
> have been making progress in the general direction of the UNNA data. I
> spent an hour this morning reviewing the UNNA backups and other data
> recovered from the server. I have some work ahead of me to move & duplicate
> the backups as it's far more data than I recalled.
> The data is all stored in one massive Subversion repository that I'll be
> teasing out into separate smaller repositories for the likes of the
> separate mirrors, tools, and www subdomains, plus the archive itself, then
> ultimately migrating to git. UNNA has a GitHub organization and I'll be
> putting the git repos there (after sanitizing any sensitive data that may
> have wormed its way into the repos), with the exception of the archive repo
> itself. For legal reasons, the archive repo itself, and probably the
> mirrors.unna.org may not be able to be hosted on GitHub, at least
> publicly, so I'm looking at alternatives there.

Back in 2013, Rick and I were working on migrating the wikiwikinewt data
from the old PhpWiki installation to a new ikiwiki <https://ikiwiki.info/>
installation. The subversion repository containing that data—still in need
of additional formatting fixes—has been converted from subversion to git
and is now up on GitHub: <

I'm making good progress on splitting the main subversion repository up
into smaller, more appropriate portions, as mentioned. Where that data will
be hosted initially is still to be decided, but I'm sure I'll still at
least mirror it to GitHub. We could host it there, but—as an
organization—we can't make it private without upgrading to a paid account.

As for needing assistance, I'm a little unsure, but I really want to say
> yes. My goal is to make few/no changes to the old website implementation
> and instead get the data storage modernized and managed by a small team, at
> the same time setting up structure for community mirroring of the site &
> data. The git repos will help with the majority of that, and I don't see
> that there's much assistance anyone else can provide there, I just need to
> make some time. I could definitely bounce numerous ideas off people, but
> that might eat into my availability for working on the repos.

Towards community transparency and ultimately management, I have updated
the UNNA organization on GitHub with a project which shows my current tasks
& progress: <https://github.com/orgs/UNNA/projects/1>. Feel free to follow

I have also started configuring teams, so as repositories pop up and
progress is made, you all can start joining in. That said, please don't
request access quite yet.

Finally, how would everyone like to get updates as to UNNA status? I'm
happy to send updates to the list periodically, I'll try to remember to
post to Twitter, and there are also the unna-admins & unna-announce mailing
lists. All of the above? I just don't want to annoy the list with technical
details and discussions if they're better had offline.

Have a great weekend,



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